YMVC Article in Nialler9

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Prominent music site Nialler9 has published a terrific article about YMVC (Youth Music Video Competition), the successful ongoing First Cut! partnership with Feel Good Lost to give young filmmakers an opportunity to make a music video under the mentorship of established filmmakers.

Top music video director, head of Feel Good Lost and YMVC mentor Brendan Canty is quoted in it:

“Music videos are the best and fastest way to learn and develop as a director these days and most directors are getting signed off the back of successful music videos. Having spoken to directors, the hardest part is getting great bands to trust you to make a video without any on your reel. This competition breaks down that wall between bands and directors. Once each director has been given their track and brief we (me and producer David Lester Mooney) do a day-long workshop with them – giving them advice on the process and helping them with their ideas. Then they go away and have over two months to make their music video which is screened at the First Cut Film Festival.”

Read the whole article here! And if you want to enter the 2019 YMVC, follow this link.