Stormtroopers: A Special Effects Workshop with Micheál Fitzgerald

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An hour-long SFX workshop for ages 12-18. 

Delivered live over Zoom at 4pm, May 7th.

This unique free workshop is ideal for anyone interested in building a SFX strategy for their short films. It is a production overview of acclaimed short film Stormtroopers (2018), with a special focus on special effects. The visionary Micheál Fitzgerald will demonstrate to participants the process of “breaking down Film Special Effects (SFX) into the Major & Minor components to demonstrate the value & achievability of those components with respect to overall budget limits & creative film making ambition”.

Places are limited. To book a place, email: 

Participants will learn:

  • Creating an SFX Strategy for their film
  • The process of creating a dynamic effects heavy action sequence
  • Integrating special effects with your location.
  • Being creative on a small budget

Micheál Fitzgerald started acting in Australia with a part in Home & Away and has appeared in Game of Thrones, Nightflyers & Dublin Murders.

Micheál has a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and applies his multi-discipline engineering experiences and acting ambition into writing, producing and directing sci-fi films. He has also raced Formula Ford in Australia, Ireland & UK. He is currently filming the follow up episode to Stormtroopers.