Saturday March 14th, 12pm – 3pm, Mall Arts Centre Foyer 

Wombat Media are a Cork based production company specialising in creating Virtual Reality documentaries. Wombat Media will give the opportunity for festival attendees to come and experience a Virtual Reality documentary up close.

Participants will be encouraged to try on a headset and virtually embark on a ‘Trip to Cape Clear’. The experience is 12 mins long or if you prefer a shorter snippet there is a 3 mins 40” version on hand. Participants are encouraged to ask the film maker Ciara Buckley, how they filmed the documentary and why she feels VR is the next big shift in film making.

Island Ferry Tales | A Trip to Cape Clear | A 360° Experience

Leaving the Irish mainland from Schull, VR participants will virtually embark on the Cape Clear Ferry. Throughout this vibrant documentary, a journey across to Ireland’s most Southerly inhabited community, local stories and characters emerge. The history and folklore of Cape Clear is generously shared with laughter and song. Locals describe the depth of culture and language embedded within the Gaeltacht and the significance of the ferry service itself.

Local guides, such as Micheál Ó Céadagáin, bring these breath-taking views and sites to life. Sharing in Irish, the significance and embedded histories of these places with the viewer. We also experience a special visit to one of the Island’s Bronze Age treasures – two standing stones. Here Diarmuid Ó Drisceoil takes us back in time to explore the history and folklore surrounding these ancient stones.

A highlight of the trip is back on board the boat, this time circling the monumental Fastnet Rock. Also known as Ireland’s teardrop, a landmark symbol of the last glimpse of home for millions of Irish immigrants setting off for new horizons. Local guides share the oral histories relating to the Fastnet from the ferry. Participants will be mesmerised by the hidden treasures shared in this journey and will be left looking forward to the opportunity of stepping foot onto Cape Clear, next time in the flesh.

A short snippet of the documentary can be viewed here: