Meet the 2023 Youth Council!

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The First Cut! Youth Advisory Council is a rotating group of young people who act as festival advisors each year. The group introduces a youth perspective to First Cut’s development and planning, and in return get to meet like-minded peers interested in filmmaking. The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) also take part in specially programmed workshops, as well as taking on significant roles during the festival itself. Most prominently, they select the annual First Cut! Youth Council Award, for which they choose a favourite film from the festival programme. We’re excited to hear from the 2023 council!

I’m Aislinn Cuffe. I’m 18 and I’m in my first year at Film and Screen Media at UCC. This is my fourth year as a member of the Youth Advisory Council. The community I found with young filmmakers in Cork has changed my life and I have made amazing friends. I hope to continue to improve my craft and learn as much as I can. Attending the festival has given me a great insight into filmmaking and I recommend attending to any aspiring young person.”

Hi my name is Dylan Shortt and I’m from Killarney. This is my second year on the Youth Advisory Council and I’m absolutely delighted to be a part of it again this year!!”

I’m Emma, 19, this is my fourth First Cut Film Festival and hopefully it will be the best one yet! With an extra day, more showings and more guests, there’s so much to do. Looking forward to seeing you all!”

My name is George Lynch, I have directed a dozen short films, a play, and have been involved in many other film and stage productions. I am currently in my second year at UCC Film and Screen Media.

My name is Kyra Owers, I am 19 years old and this is my second year on the Youth Advisory Council. I have written, directed and edited many short films, and I am continuing to pursue this passion as a Film student at Douglas Street Campus. I genuinely believe that because film is such an expressive medium, we can all express ourselves through the films we make, which is why I can’t wait to see what this year’s festival has in store and watch all the films taking part!”

My name is Liam O’Leary, and I love being involved with the First Cut festival. I always enjoy discussing films with other people and seeing the huge array of talent on display at the festival!”

My name is Mark and I am 17 years old. I have been interested in all things to do with film for years and I am thrilled to be a part of the youth advisory council.”

My name is Muireann Forde and this is my fourth year of being involved with First Cut! Film Festival, and the experience gets better every year!”

My name is Sadbh, I am 16 years old and this is my first year being on the Youth Advisory Council at First Cut. I really enjoy filmmaking and hope to do much more with it in the future!”

My name is Thomas McNamara. I am an editor and filmmaker, and I love everything to do with film. This is my second year on the Youth Council, and I am really looking forward to another brilliant festival!”

Hi, my name is Nora Twomey and I am a 17 year old filmmaker. This is my second year on the council, and it is a fantastic experience! It is such a brilliant opportunity for me to chat with all of my filmmaking friends and I always look forward to our meetings!