Future Lens

Saturday March 9th, Throughout the day, The Regal Cinema Cafe

Each year, a tailor-made workshop is curated exclusively for the festival’s Youth Advisory Council. In the 2024 edition, artist Andrew McSweeney led an in-person session, delving into the realm of “Future Lens: New Technologies and Immersive Storytelling with Virtual Reality (VR)”. This workshop was designed to encourage young creatives with a shared interest in filmmaking, environmental advocacy and new technologies to experiment with new and exciting digital tools. Participants learned about how digital processes can be used to create their own 3D models, 360°/180° videos and interactive pieces. As well as that, they were introduced to free applications and open-source platforms with materials they can experiment with after the workshop and use for their own unique creations.

The collective efforts of workshop participants will culminate in one exciting masterpiece! Their creations – 3D models, videos, images, and sound pieces—will seamlessly blend into an awe-inspiring VR experience. On Saturday 9th March the festival will showcase this collaborative effort, presenting a mesmerising piece of storytelling, innovation, and artistic expression.

Andrew McSweeney completed a BA in Fine Art at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design (2015) and an MA in Interdisciplinary Design Practice (2021) from the Limerick School of Art & Design. Recent shows include the group exhibition Data | Art, June (2023) at The Lord Mayor’s Pavilion, Cork, Work | Force | Field at A4 Sounds, Dublin (August 2023), an interactive virtual reality application at the Earth Rising: IMMA Outdoors: Eco Festival (September 2023) at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. McSweeney is one of 12 artists who have contributed to the recently published book Digital Art in Ireland: Reflections & Visuals (November 2023) // J O’Sullivan, A.McCarthy) by Blackwater Publishing & Sample-Studios.He was awarded the XaRt commission (2024) in collaboration with the MTU Arts Office CREATE Le Chéile fund and the NExIS research team. He was supported by the Irish Arts Council in 2021/2022 and is a studio member of Backwater Studios in Cork City, Ireland.