First Cut! International

First Cut! International is an online platform that augments the main Open Call programmes with online screenings showcasing the best short films by young filmmakers from all over the world.

These three First Cut! International programmes are available to stream for free from this page between Monday March 4th and Saturday March 24th. To watch the films, follow the links below.

Please note: a few films in these programmes contain material that may be disturbing for some viewers. Please take note of warnings before some films. Viewer discretion is advised.


Programme 1
Goal Hangin (Sam Heath Maxwell, UK)
Julie (Anabelle Corneau, USA)
Do Not Imagine (Vasilisa Matveeva Pavlovna, Russian Federation)
An Experience of Shooting a Film in the Basement (Wang Yuan Hao, China)
Feet (Nianyu Zhong, China)
Swaddle (Pepi Eirew, USA)
Advena (Nelly Lena Schmidtlein, Germany)
Animal (Daniel Candamil, Colombia)
No One in the Mirror (Huang Zheng, China)

Watch programme here

Programme 2
Blowing Off Steam (Nora Fossan, Norway)
Mom! (Arsenty Nyankin, Russia)
To Bet One’s Boot (Cadence Barreda, USA)
For the Birds (Eva Sykes, UK)
Olas de Amor (Beatrice Fernandes De Sousa, Italy)
Death of Logic (C’Ceshire Sedney, Holland)
Prometheus (Ekshan Paul, India)
The Wind Brings Songs from the Tropic (Wil Paucar Calle, Ecuador)
Echo Sonata (Vlad Matei Sandor, Romania)

Watch programme here

Programme 3
Parkland (Julian Hamman, Australia)
Make a God (Wan-Yu Hong & Jia-Zhen Jian, Taiwan)
Wipe Your Tears on My Ears (Imogen Graham, UK)
Glass Delusion (Mikołaj Mirzewski, Poland)
To Love and Be Loved (John Payne & Hannah Kent, US)
frominside (Harry Bayley, UK)
Love Me Forever (Ava Vinton)
Terpsicore (Jacqueline González & Azul Ponce)
Chimera (Aiswarya Thankachan, India)
Summer Night Wind (Chuan Zhi Liu, China)
Heart Stopping Train (Lucas Gomes da Silveira, Brazil)

Watch programme here