First Cut! International


First Cut! is delighted to announce the launch of a new strand to its annual programming. First Cut! International is an online platform that augments the main Open Call programmes with online screenings showcasing the best short films by young filmmakers from all over the world.

These three First Cut! International programmes are available to stream for free from this page between Tuesday March 7th and Saturday March 18th. Click the links below to enjoy the films!

Please note: a few films in these programmes contain material that may be disturbing for some viewers. Please take note of warnings before some films. Viewer discretion is advised.


Programme 1
Russian Military Warship Go… (Oleg Pchelkin; Ukraine)
Daydream (Julian Hamman; Australia)
Ihruqax (Rasmus Safarnia; Denmark)
A Walk in the Past (Alina Mustovici; Moldova)
Fence (Maryam Rezaei; Iran)
Fine (Kayra Öcal; Turkey)
Show Must Go On (Hyun-seo Lee, Su-a Ko, A-ra Cho, Do-hee Kim; Korea)
Town Youth (Jie Liu; China)
Project Imagination (Kostya Tyoschin; Canada)

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Programme 2
Harmony Hills (Izzy Buhler, USA)
The First Sound (Amirmahdi Nematzadeh, Iran)
Expiration Date (Eliza Pritchard, Australia)
The Pushers (Simona Jurkuvėnaitė; Lithuania)
Mustermann (Veronika Väth; Germany)
Tasting Skinny (Saturn Alyx; Singapore)
Hunger (Junayed Alavi; India)
The Mineshaft (Brad Davies; UK)
Mechanism (Gabriel Lima, Izaaaki, & Maria Beatriz; Brazil)
Inside Groove (Elizabeth Wei Yun Albrecht; Canada)

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Programme 3
100% Meat Free Human Flesh (Bartholomew “Skippy” Jälapeno; UK)
I Like It Here (Tom Anson; UK)
Necessity of Life (Kevin Rahardjo; Indonesia)
Eliotropio (Niccolò Martella; Italy)
Our Last Day (Balázs Mihály Szabó; Hungary)
Offerlamm (Tova Persson; UK)
The Cuckoo’s Tale (Krittipong Thitithanakul; Thailand)
Instructional video 1989: how to recognize human faces (Aiden Nelson; USA)
Rena (Alexandros Damianidis & John Akrivopoulos; Greece)
Dear Kaleidoscope (Lydia Mastrangelo; USA)

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