YMVC Archive 2016 – 2019

The YMVC – Youth Music Video Competition has become an eagerly awaited part of each year’s First Cut! Youth Film Festival. Since 2016, this mentoring programme has facilitated the production of a remarkable and varied body of music videos by emerging filmmakers, aged 18 to 23, working with tracks by up-and-coming bands. Under the overall guidance of acclaimed director Brendan Canty and his company Feel Good Lost, the involvement of film and music professionals has ensured a consistently high standard of mentoring and industry engagement. But it is ultimately the raw talent of the filmmakers who participate that makes YMVC as exciting and dynamic a springboard as it has become. What follows as an overview of each year of YMVC with examples of the work produced and notes on the success stories that followed several of them…

YMVC 2019

The filmmakers who participated in YMVC 2019 and the artists they made the videos for are:

Elena Horgan – Kobina (Shogani)
Robert Montgomery – Kobina (Knots)
Eva Wyse – All Tvvins (Build a Bridge)
Ben Kavanagh – Morning Midnight (Ancoat Junction)
Conor McCormick – True Tides (The Answer)
Naomi Fagan – Laoise (I Mean)

The 2019 YMVC award winner was Elena Horgan’s video for Kobina’s Shogani. This track, according to the artist, “deals with trying to contend with mental health struggles and finding solace in another.” The video is built from over 1000 images shot individually on 35mm which accounts for the warm, nostalgic feeling that blankets the entire thing.

The 2019 panel of judges consisted of Daithí (musician), Niall Byrne (Nialler9), Lorraine Geoghegan (Hinterland Films), Christian Tierney (Photographer), Dave Hanratty (Joe.ie + No Encore), Leah Joyce (Academy Films) and Kate Dolan (Director).

YMVC 2018

The quality of the submissions for YMVC 2018 were so high that mentors Brendan Canty and David Lester Mooney expanded the competition to include six instead of five filmmakers which had been the number in previous years.

Alexander Kuribayashi – Ryan Vail (The Wait)
Greg Murphy – Pale Rivers (Ice Field)
Michael Marren – Paddy Hanna (Mario Lanza)
Sam McGrath – La Galaxie (Women in Love)
Eleanor Rogers – Tim Chadwick (Belong)
Sean Sheridan – Bitch Falcon (Prime Number)

The year’s winning video by Alexander Kuribayashi was selected as the official release for Ryan Vail’s Breaking Minds.

The runner-up video, Sam McGrath’s video for La Galaxie’s Women in Love, also became the song’s official video.

YMVC 2017

The 2017 YMVC lineup of filmmakers and musicians was as follows:

Lochlainn McKenna – aboveDat (Better)
Andrew McConnell & JJ McDunphy – Joshua Burnside (Ephrata)
Matthew McGuigan – Daithí feat. Elaine Mai – (Wrap Up Tight)
Nathan Ivor Barlow – Bantum feat. Rusangano Family + Senita (Daithí Remix) (Feel Your Rhythm)
Rachel Mc Gill- Ryan Vail (East Berlin)

The 2017 YMVC award winner was Lochlainn McKenna. Better was used by aboveDat as the song’s official video and it went on the win the Best Editing award at the Kinsale Shark Awards where it was also nominated for Best Music Video Under 10K and Best Cinematography. This was a crucial stepping stone in launching Lochlainn’s subsequent career which has seen him make videos for the likes of Westlife and Keane, as well as commercials for Heineken, Toyota, Aldi and Sky. He would later return to YMVC as one of the mentors.

The impressive 2017 award jury – which inlcuded mentors Brendan Canty and David Lester Mooney as well as Louise Ní Ghamhna (director), Piers McGrail (cinematographer), Eoin French (aka Talos) and Stevie G (Red FM DJ) – also gave a special mention to Andrew McConnell & JJ McDunphy. As well as music videos, this talented duo have gone on to make the documentary The Screaming Minority.

YMVC 2016

The first ever YMVC launched the Competition in grand style. The 2016 filmmakers and the artists they made videos for were:

Brendan Corcoran – Meltybrains? (Know My Name)
Charlie Doherty – Kobina (Big Heart)
Christian Tierney – The Academic (Northern Boy)
Aaron Moran – The Altered Hours (Who’s Saving Who?)
Cian Desmond & Jack Desmond – Daithí (April)

Christian Tierney and Brendan Corcoran tied at first place for the 2016 YMVC prize.

The videos embedded below from Christian Tierney, Charlie Doherty and Brendan Corcoran became the official videos for the tracks by The Academic, Meltybrains? and Kobina.

And Christian Tierney went on to become Conor McGregor’s personal videographer…