A Village Full of Colour

Thursday 7th, 5.30pm, The Regal Cinema

A Village Full of Colour is a feature documentary, by the young people of Inch Foróige, about the past, present and future of the Inch/Killeagh community. The revival of the May Sunday Festival in 2018, inspired the young people of the parish with a new curiosity. Why was this festival so loved and so missed? What did it mean to the community? And what other stories could they unearth about the place where they live?

Join Inch Foróige and members of the Killeagh/Inch community in this colourful sharing of memories, thoughts on past changes and future hopes. Can you imagine 12,000 people in the village of Killeagh? Did you dance to Damien Dempsey in Kennedy’s yard? How many rounds of tea can one woman make in a day?